About Passportbaby.com.my

Our Story

In 2016, we started as individual seller. We sell travel, baby and motherhood product in Facebook (original page no longer exist), Shopee and Lazada.

In the meantime, we also actively participate in a few travel group on Facebook. From the group discussion, we found that a lot of “HOW TO TRAVEL WITH BABY” questions.

This frequently ask question had spark a firework on our mind.

Hey~! Why dont we build a blog to share our knowledge and experience about ‘Travel With Baby’?

So, we started to build a blog that dedicated to share tips, trick and information regarding “Travel With Baby” topic.

Who Are We?



Founder/Full-time Mom/Part-time Traveler

Danial Arif (passportbaby.com.my)

Danial Arif

Co-founder/Full-time Dad/Part-time Traveler

Why We develope passportbaby.com.my?

We believe, travel is the best hobby to bond with our family.

Having baby (or babies) should not hindering us from travel.

Hence, we build this blog in order to help the mom/dad who are travel enthusiast.

Don’t let your child be the obstacle to travel.